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At Modern Music Lessons we cater to all ages, all styles, offering
goal-oriented lessons with clear benchmarks for progress.
  • Formal benchmarks include AMEB and ABRSM exams.
  • If your goal is to jam at the local open mic, great! Lets do it.
  • Perhaps you just want to learn for your own enjoyment?
  • Excellent. We enjoy it too, lets learn some songs.

Construct Is Flexible

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  • Voice

    We offer vocal coaching to suit every need, from karaoke to recording studio preparation.

  • Piano

    You're never tool old to start, or too young!

  • Guitar

    Acoustic, electric, and classical styles.  Learn the instrument through your favorite songs.

  • Bass

    Funk, Rock, Punk, Jazz, it's all good.

  • Violin

    Our conservatory trained teachers will help you with technique, style and tone.  

  • Ukulele

    Better than therapy, this little gem will bring you a bit of joy.

  • Electronic Music Production

    Where it all comes together. All genres, all DAWs, Mac & PC.  We use Ableton on a Mac, you can use whatever suits.

  • Music Theory Tutoring

    It doesn't have to be boring, promise.

  • Keyboard for DJs and Producers

    Midi controllers are in every studio, might as well learn to play one.

  • Synthesis

    Build patches, get that sound, and understand how it all works.

Stay connected with us in your favorite flavor!